post number 5 for the moobert

i have been surrounding myself with comfort food lately…

homemade tapioca
cinnamon muffins
warm grape nuts
hot chocolate

why do comfort foods consist primarily of carbohydrates?


6 responses to “post number 5 for the moobert

  1. it’s a rule. and it’s a rule that when it’s cold, you have to have comfort foods. I’m on my way.

    I’ve wanted to try warm grape nuts but I’ve just never been quite sure it would actually be good….at least if it was warm, maybe you wouldn’t lose several teeth per serving.

    And bring on the spaghetti. My favorite food of all. My husband makes fun of me because sometimes we’ll be at a really nice restaurant where they’ll have all these amazing pasta choices, and as I peruse the menu, I’ll be lingering longingly over the spaghetti. Sometimes I branch out, but it’s hard to beat the best.

  2. Better thank you.

    PS. It’s cold here. Please send…I don’t know, not cold?

  3. baby, if i had any not cold here, i’d be using it on myself.

  4. Not Cold—due on shelves sometime in July.

  5. macncheesemacncheese

  6. I got another 50% off code for, good until 12/14. DECE550

    That means you saw it a whole WEEK before it expired!

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