sneaking out of 2×2 ribbing purgatory

i was chez chris, and found a meme:

These are the first returns (and some make no sense) from Google image search for

back to purgatory.

5 responses to “sneaking out of 2×2 ribbing purgatory

  1. Um, where’s the five posts a day? What am I supposed to do for entertainment now? Keyrist, I feel like knitting now…

  2. bless your xfooqso, moo.

    it’s so kind of you to overlook that i haven’t had anything interesting to say since the sunday before thanksgiving.

    and boys who knit? totally hott. although i’m pretty sure one thing you DON’T need is more women knocking at your door.

  3. are you sure that wasn’t your grandma??

    and what in the WORLD is your favorite drink? Double cats on washing machines?

  4. caffe americano.

    the maine coon cats (surprisingly, i knew these were coon cats – i used to live down the road from a breeder in maine) are named caffe and americano.


  5. Your grandmother’s hot, yo.

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