but that’s not the way it feels

since school ended, i’ve been on a stranger and stranger (read: no longer focused around getting up in the morning) sleeping schedule.

i am a morning person. the only time i was a die-hard night owl was the summer i was in alaska so my body didn’t understand that it wasn’t morning. and that was 1991.

but tomorrow i don’t have to work.

so i stayed up late knitting, and watching in america.

there is no excuse for me not having seen this until december 5, 2005. it’s been quite some time since i’ve been touched by a movie like that. it made me happy, it made me uncomfortable, it made me sad, it made me cry, it made me giggle, it made me miss new york, it made me want to be with the person who is like home (in the general sense, not the specific).

i think i will watch it again tomorrow night.


3 responses to “but that’s not the way it feels

  1. new york misses you back!

  2. when there is no school or work, there is no such thing as a sleep schedule.

  3. That was a great movie.

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