i love knitting lace.

i love love love it. it keeps me engaged, and it’s purty. i’m not cool enough to design lace yet. but i love doing it.

here’s a detail shot of the lace detail for bella (it’ll be drapier and looser when it’s blocked):

bella lace detail

and here’s approximately what it will look like on the top itself:

bella in the works

that’s with seven (of approximately 28 –14 for the right, 14 for the left) repeats. it takes about 15 minutes to do a repeat, and i’ve not yet memorized the pattern. but i can tell what to do by looking at the ends… the middle sections of the rows i still need help with. also, i totally prefer the written form of patterns – charts for lace take me much longer to get used to. and i like things fast.



5 responses to “i love knitting lace.

  1. Shhh…if you listen closely you can hear Charlie Brown’s teacher talking…

    “Wah whhha wahhh whaa whaa wahaa”

  2. kiss my lovely lace, cow-boy. not cowboy, but cow-boy.

  3. well, I know I’m impressed anyway.

  4. heatherface you are a god. purrty purrty lace.

  5. very creative.

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