chris is endeavoring to be my beastie.

i don’t know what this means.

anyone who can help, please do.

(let’s, however, keep in mind the following:

  1. chris has a lovely wife
  2. this isn’t an nc-17 blog
  3. i have comment deletion rights
  4. i am a NICE GIRL)

6 responses to “fascinating.

  1. Link’s broken yo.

    As far as the beastie thing goes, dude, you’re on your own with that.

  2. i think you’re hallucinating.

    the link works fine, yo. and i’ll let chris talk about his theory of what beastiehood entails.

  3. “beastie” just can go about anywhere, can’t it. The mind does have such an ability to stretch.

  4. i feel like particleman felt on my blog the other day, in that i’m just here, no value-added! as always, value-free!

    let’s see, beasties: sounds like a meat-flavored cereal. i guess that’s all i’ve got. more later, i’m guessing.

  5. as far as cereal, beasties could be like freakies, which no one seems to remember except for me and two other people.
    but I don’t think he meant cereal.

  6. If you’re someone’s beastie you write them lame-ass rhymes.
    Beer is made with yeasty; whatever happened to Leann Rhymes?

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