does admitting i’ve been a boring blogger lately absolve me of my boringness?

to be further boring, here’s a meme i stole from crazy aunt purl (dude! she tagged the whole world and threatened sobakawa kitty chin hugs if they didn’t comply!)

TEN random things you might not know about me.

  1. my nose is chapped from all the nose-blowing
  2. i love cheesy teevee that makes me cry
  3. i love to cook
  4. i love lemon cake
  5. i don’t like pie all that much
  6. i have come to accept i will probably give up my dog when i graduate in june
  7. i have wanted to have kids since i was 4
  8. since i’ve been in grad school i’ve been questioning whether i want to have kids
  9. i don’t know if i can have kids
  10. but if i do decide i want kids, i’ll adopt special needs kids regardless of whether i have biological kids, because those kids need homes, and they especially need homes with people who want them and aren’t afraid of the extra work, money, needs, or lifelong commitment of loving someone with special needs.

NINE places I’ve visited

  1. the philippines
  2. france
  3. spain
  4. netherlands
  5. london
  6. ireland
  7. tijuana
  8. portland, or
  9. florida

EIGHT ways to win my heart

  1. lemonyness
  2. kill the bugs in my apartment
  3. not sending flowers (don’t like getting them)
  4. give me xanax before i fly
  5. good with babies – even the crying, fussy ones covered in poo
  6. take my car for an oil change without me asking
  7. be a good movie-watching companion
  8. make my mama like you without trying

SEVEN things I want to do before I die

  1. learn irish
  2. fall in love
  3. ride a bike
  4. live somewhere with a washer and dryer
  5. live in a former eastern bloc country
  6. learn to play the banjo
  7. speak at least 6 languages fluently

SIX things I’m afraid of

  1. bugs
  2. rabies
  3. losing my hearing
  4. marrying for the wrong reasons
  5. horror movies
  6. being murdered violently and painfully

FIVE things I don’t like

  1. sand
  2. dirt
  3. people who don’t treat others with respect
  4. spiders
  5. biological weapons

FOUR ways to turn me off

  1. talk smack about the people i love
  2. disrespect people with disabilities
  3. hit other people (including me)
  4. be a terrorist

THREE Things I do everyday

  1. sing
  2. cry
  3. laugh

TWO things that make me happy

  1. advent
  2. perfect weather

ONE thing on my mind right now

  1. getting a good job

8 responses to “does admitting i’ve been a boring blogger lately absolve me of my boringness?

  1. those were great.
    a couple of things: why do you have to give up the dogmeister??
    and if you ever lose your hearing, don’t forget about cochlear implants. And I hope you learn to ride a bike from whomever it is you fall in love with.
    AND good luck on the job front.

  2. re: dog – because i may move overseas, to a city like new york where having a dog isn’t fair or to another big city where i’ll likely have a job that makes me work long hours and/or travel a lot… it’s just not fair to my puppy.

    re: cochlear implants – this is true. however, i’ve got this whole “musicianship” thing going on, and i’m so certain that i’ll need my hearing to keep making the music… i have such a personal relationship with music and it plays such a huge role in my life that i fear i’d feel incomplete. i know i could do it and survive and thrive, even without a cochlear implant, but this has been a deep seated fear since i was like 4.

    re: bike – who am i going to fall in love with? anyone in mind? i’m open to suggestion. just have to run it by my special friend first. :)

  3. I see what you’re saying about puppy. sad, tho….and do you have any of those cities picked out?? how exciting! I’m jealous…
    and I also know what you’re saying about the hearing thing. Music is so huge and hearing it, feeling it, experiencing it as you do now would be unequivocally changed with any sort of hearing loss, no matter how excellent the remedies. A scary thought, worthy of fear.

  4. well, *i* have picked out several of those cities, and applied for jobs there (actually, it was more like i applied for jobs and thought – hey! cool city!). whether they’ll take me is another story.

  5. If you add learning Welsh to your list, I can help you there.

  6. that can be one of the 6 other languages i’d like to learn before i die.

    in fact, it is. i thought of going to uni at aberystwyth to learn welsh and study arthurian legend, the rise of chrstianity, and the fall of the british paganism.

    my cool factor just shot up 3425 degrees, i’m quite certain.

  7. wow heatherfeather. i’m totally afraid of losing my hearing and being murdered violently and painfully too!

  8. Oh, I loved your answers… I think I want to adopt, too, a whole passle of kids who are maybe older than what other people want to adopt, or maybe a group of brothers/sisters to keep them all together. One day. When I can afford to give them a happy home :)

    No flowers, eh? LOL

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