good luck!

for some reason, i have a small segment of readers who are in law school at the south texas college of law. regardless of why that is (the origin is particleman who is on a blogging hiatus until the 13th, if you’re curious), finals start tomorrow.


i feel your pain (although my finals came in the form of papers and yours are exams), so i give you all my happy thoughts and wish you good luck. i’ll see you when you come out the other side, kids!


2 responses to “good luck!

  1. Thank you, HF. We all appreciate here down in the Great State.

    Signing off with a raucous gkjvbtf!

  2. thanks hf. please send good study vibes our way…

    and the best part about going on a blogging hiatus is getting a pinch-blogger. though it is a little on the wierd side.

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