sometimes i make myself nauseous with my logophilia

i have used the following words in my paper:


i did not use them in one sentence. i will give a shiny gold star to a person who uses all those words in a single sentence that makes sense. i will give two shiny gold stars to anyone who can guess my paper topic. (anyone to whom i’ve already told my paper topic is disqualified from the second game)


13 responses to “sometimes i make myself nauseous with my logophilia

  1. I’m torn between which topic is more inviting: the one your paper is about or browniesnacks with whipped cream. Hmmmm. Close call….
    what if you gave a gold star instead to someone who could eat a browniesnack with whipped cream for every word in your list?

  2. woah – bacteriological. did spell check underline that one?

    It would sure pick up gopih, though!

  3. I had to change a verb tense, but I couldn’t pass up the challenge…

    When trying to extrapolate the efficacy of extant bacteriological governance, the conundrum of ineffectual hierarchical snobbery (continuing in perpetuity) exacerbates the minimax approach of neorealism, which strives to supplant the inspectorate with people who actually know what the hgivkrus they’re doing.

  4. alpineflower, you’re SO close and so freakin’ brave that i’ll give you .75 gold stars. if you’re an overachiever (i know i am), i’ll give you more chances to get them.

    let me know if you want hints to which need to be rectified.

    you should go to the MCHKnitters knit nights sometime! there’s one tonight (which i can’t make)!

  5. extrapolate is one of my all-time favorite words.

    mad props to alpineflower. that was impressive.

  6. extrapolate is an amazing word. i use it WAY too much.

    and alpineflower is crazycool. what we need is for her to comment MORE and knit the chicken viking hat! nhkoo?

  7. Argh – my brain hurts…is it my usage of minimax, or neorealism? I had to look minimax up (the minimum loss for the maximum effect) and I didn’t really think about a definition for neorealism. You may have to throw me a bone here.

    I could use some social knitting…can’t do it tonight either, but hopefully sometime in the near future! The chicken viking hat may need to wait – I can’t imagine gifting it to anybody’s child (“You made my new baby a hat that looks like a raw chicken?!”), and, having none of my own, the motivation factor is kind of low.

  8. don’t worry if your brain hurts too much.

    bones thrown:
    -extrapolate usually needs to have a context to which the original concept is being extrapolated
    -minimax doesn’t play a role in neorealism.
    -neorealism is about the balancing of power.

    make the chicken viking hat for your husband. or i know someone with a baby who would absolutely subject her child to that. :)

  9. Okay, this is my last shot.

    When trying to extrapolate the efficacy of extant bacteriological governance as it relates to minimax germ warfare, the conundrum of ineffectual hierarchical bureaucracy (continuing in perpetuity) exacerbates the pessimism of neorealism, which strives to supplant the centralized inspectorate with people who actually know what the diozhwc they’re doing.

  10. i SWEAR i will read that and get back to you when those words stop making me want to hurl… :)

    if nothing else, just for playing, i’ll buy you a cup of coffee if we get together sometime for knitting in public places! mmmqa?

  11. Sounds good. I wish Kaladi was more conducive to that kind of thing… Maybe after T-giving? Email me –

  12. Here’s my sentence:
    Heatherfeather used a lot of fancy words in her last paper, including conundrum, MINIMAX, neorealism,
    hierarchical, efficacy, extant,
    perpetuity, inspectorate, governance, extrapolate, exacerbate, supplant, ineffectual, and bacteriological.

    Hah! Betcha didn’t think I could do it, didja? pfbrpp!

  13. alpineflower – word! [hands her gold star] i’ll email you, we’ll knit next week or so!

    bryan, you’re a cheater. however, it makes sense. [hands him gold star, and smacks him upside the qnpkqzbs]

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