i like my coffee like i like my women…

…strong, black and with a spoon in it.*

i made me some coffee bean coffee in my french press this morning because i’m at home, finishing the paper (she says boldly even though it’s not quite at the 50% mark) that is due at 5, but realistically at 2 since i have class from 2-5 and won’t be able to work on it then.

but i wanted to share my coffee preferences because i’m procrastinating. i like insanely strong coffee (as in it doesn’t pour well, but does better being scooped with a slotted spoon into the cup) with a lot of cream, no sugar.

i have a french press because the dog is terrified of percolators, and it wasn’t worth the stress it put either of us under to have him freak out crying, barking, snarling at the coffee maker at 5:30 am so i could have coffee. it’s also nice because you never have to worry about running out of filters and contemplate between a coffee slurry and 1 degree temperatures.

*name that reference without looking it up


3 responses to “i like my coffee like i like my women…

  1. You were up at 5:30 too? I am finishing up my PVA final that is due at 9. One more paragraph left!

    Hope your paper is coming along well (better than the last time we spoke at least)! I absolutely CANNOT wait until sushi tonight!

  2. I tried to get up at 5, but didnt get out of bed until 5:30. Oh well, I just handed in the PVA final #1! Another one crossed off the list!!!

    Oh, and yes, I am writing this in class, as it is 9:15.

    Still dreaming of 5pm…..

  3. you? on the internets during class? during the VERY LAST CLASS YOU HAVE IN GRAD SCHOOL?!?

    i don’t believe it.

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