one month

it has been one month since my dad died.

has it only been a month?

has it really been a month?


6 responses to “one month

  1. time becomes suspended in the season of grief….
    thinking of you

  2. I’m not even living it and it seems like it’s been longer. You have all the arm fuzzies that are possible via blog commentary.

  3. And warm fuzzies. Arm fuzzies and warm fuzzies. I’m not really sure what an arm fuzzy is, but you’ve got mine.

  4. i hope you’re not offended, but can i have the warm fuzzies instead? however, i’m sure your arm fuzzies are lovely…

  5. mix the arm fuzzies with vcjcqgzs and you’ve got warm fuzzies.

  6. even in those times of sadness, you have always managed find the strength to laugh and make others laugh smile with you.

    i never got to meet your father, but from what you’ve told me about him, it sounds like he’d be very proud of you. :)

    keep that chin up.

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