it is clear

…to me that i will not get ANY work done at home where i have a computer with internet, a stereo, a tv, a vcr, a dvd player, a dog, and a 12 pack of diet coke and various cheeses.

i gotta find me a neutral location.

update: it’s 3:41 pm, i’m still at home, i’ve read 2 pages. CRAPMONKEYS.


12 responses to “it is clear

  1. Hey………me too…..All U got, add that to five loud guys…running every where….I never seem to do anything at home..

  2. WILLPOWER. dig deep. search your soul. sometimes, i must take evasive measures and unplug the network cable from and turn off the wireless switch on my laptop. i know, i know, blasphemy, but hey, it has to be done. i think i have it worse than you. though i don’t have the dog or diet coke, i have two bikes, a bass, and a guitar. either way, crapmonkeys do show up when things go awry, as do vngzt.

  3. ha… dem soldier, that there is why i don’t have roommates…

    pman – i don’t understand what you mean by “unplug the network cable”. this is a concept with which i am unfamiliar. however, i do have 2 guitars, a crap load of yarn and knitting needles and – this is the kicker a cell phone with unlimited text messages… i’m screwed.

  4. that’s right, you have guitars, too. i have no yarn. if i did, i’d probably eat it. studying does that to me.

  5. What kind of cheese? I like Monterey Jack (especially from Monterey). I also like Colby, but not Camembert or Brie. I also like Sharp Cheddar.

    What I like the most is taking a bite of cheese and saying “kthry”

  6. Can I admit to not even starting work yet today? Blasted television!

    I will be spending the day at the lib tomorrow – you?

  7. steve: i have swiss, provolone, shredded mexican blend, romano, parmesan, american, and brie.

    i love camembert and brie, but am not crazy about the jack cheese… i think i don’t love how it melts.

    yaymee: that is the story of my life.

    and after reading political theory for almost 3 hours, my brain says pharwl.

  8. can i say, it’s hard to keep up w/your postings when one cannot post comments when using a blackberry?

    “avoidance of all unpleasantness” is my motto. i actually bought a procrastination book for dummies, or something like that, & of course you can guess what’s happened to it (or what’s not happened to it). i’ve actually cleaned house (sometimes) in desparation (that’s saying somethin’).

    this just reminds me why i don’t want to go back to school. thanks for that!

  9. regarding cheese: I’m not a big eat-it-by-itself cheese lover but I do LOVE Muenster cheese.

    regarding television: this is why it’s better not to HAVE one. I can never figure out how people with a TV ever get anything done. My house would just have paths everywhere whose walls would consist of undone laundry, unopened mail, un-put-away stuff. Yikes!

    Good luck getting everything accomplished.

  10. I can appreciate not loving how Jack melts. That’s why we have Provolone (another good cheese). At least it’s not Roquefort.

    I don’t think I could be less helpful to the studying process, not even if I mentioned that the sound of grilled cheese sandwiches melting is similat to rlqgzhdx

  11. I have some sea salt and black pepper crackers that might go good with your various cheeses.


  12. all i want is cheese, now.

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