i’m quite particular about advertising on my chest

but this is one of the only items of clothing i own and wear that has not only a particular company on it, but any sort of pattern at all.

and it’s from ninja, my favorite restaurant and sushi bar on earth. it’s in uptown new orleans. it was 3 blocks from jake’s house, 6 blocks from mine.

post-katrina i have no idea of its status. heck, it moved from jeannette street to oak street since the last time i was there in 2000.

it’s stained, it’s misshapen, it’s 7 years old, it makes me giggle without fail.

and i’m wearing it today.

update: while i appreciate the positive feedback i have received on my, er, features, they’re not the focus of the post. it’s the SHIRT. :)


12 responses to “i’m quite particular about advertising on my chest

  1. oh, wow. old post flashback. i never did create a Cherz shirt photo-essay. i need to get one that.

    longest word verification, ever. bzcqstfc.

  2. by the way… you drink the IPA? we could TOTALLY hang out in a bar and you’d never worry that i’d sneak your drink when you weren’t looking, so you wouldn’t have to take it with you into the bathroom which is, (not just directed at you, p-man) an absolutely disgusting practice.

    you could get cesfczcb in your drink.

  3. actually, the IPA was a mistaken purchase. i don’t really like IPAs. my dad was at the grocery store and i requested a certain beer, and he somehow picked the wrong one (dad isn’t a beer drinker).

    speaking of hanging out at a bar, it seems your comments are looking a lot like mine. and what’s wrong with taking your beer to the bathroom? what if i get thirsty? stxtzdj.

  4. yeah, i’m not sure why it’s become like a bar here…

    what can i say? witty, attractive men flock to me and proceed to woo me.

    who am i to tell them no?

  5. I must have one of those. I MUST!! I have a special place in my heart for ninjas. Your 7 year old description makes me think it’s not in the cards though. Sigh.

  6. Is it inappropriate for me to say “nice rack!”????

    Or would it be better for me to say “yoobvgh?”

  7. h-g: you can call them and see if they still sell them. again, i have no idea about their status post-katrina, but it can’t hurt to try!

    yaymee: thanks. i think. do we need to have the “just friends” talk again?

  8. nice ninjas. hehehe.

    p-man, i wear yer shirt freakin’ everywhere. chicks dig it. it makes say “peazil” … and drool.

    oh – which reminds me… hf – IM me regarding shirts (not this one…) :)

  9. i’m with yaymee. i think hf was just trying show off the goods. dzytns also agrees with me.

  10. okay. cherz – any chance i could get you to IM me to remind me to IM you regarding shirts (not this one)? and nice water wings, babe.

    p-man: that’s what i thought when i saw you wearing nerdygirl’s shirt.

  11. don’t knock the wings, missy! they will one day save your life…

    … and look at those pecs! i feel so gnody.

  12. i’m hurt that you don’t think my wings compliment was sincere.

    sniff. [weeps softly]

    (hey everyone – cherz made a girl cry! a girl having a nervous breakdown, to boot!)


    i’m just tiotholu you…

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