you ever have the feeling that if you have even one more feeling you’d explode?

right now, i feel: sad, excited, stressed, depressed, hopeful, enamored, frustrated, inadequate, superconfident, lonely, and tired.

update 11:31 pm – sad wins. so, so sad. especially interesting next to the first post of the day.


5 responses to “sigh

  1. If it helps, I love you. Although maybe I shouldn’t say that – it might make you have another emotion…..

    Let me know if you need anything hun!

  2. thanks bunnyhead – i love you too.

  3. sad is only okay if it’s followed shortly thereafter by tired as long as that is immediately followed by bed. Because then you can wake up the next morning with a fresh chance of happy.

    hoping you feel better soon.

  4. i am so there right now, too.

  5. are you still sad now? it’s a new day, and I hope your sad turned over in the night.

    You have a new picture!!! I couldn’t bring myself to comment on it on your armistice post this morning. That was such serious stuff and it was too frivolous to mention your picture. And I’m assuming that you’re wearing your own work? cool!

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