whoever thinks mariama should start a blog, please raise your hand.

anything over one is a binding consensus, little m kittenhead…

[heatherfeather raises hand]


5 responses to “poll

  1. I’ll raise my hand for the sake of the poll. Hear Hear (I hope it counts even if we don’t know who she is. ‘course, if she started a blog, then more of us would know).

  2. i have two hands raised. and the little guy has two. so that makes 4 from us.

  3. james has tiny hands, and i’m sure the little guy does as well. so, i’m not sure they count as 4. yo! mariama has problems the technology, ya know?

  4. if she wants to blog, then go for it.

    i’m sure ms. swanny can set you up w/ blogger.

  5. I don’t even know who she is but if all the kool kids are doing it.

    *raises hand*

    ettyffqf…stupid word verification

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