i should be finishing my paper at this moment.

i only have 3 more pages to write, and i basically know what i will say.

i’ve been informed that i am not allowed to talk on the phone until i’m finished with this paper.

but no strictures have been placed on me cruising on the internets and finding more inexplicable pictures of moocow than may be strictly necessary.

and i am not allowed to have a beer until i finish the paper, either. because i’m a cheap date and the paper would look like this after 1/2 a beer:

swavv ;pok’gwagnmlsdvclksdm govewavgfdsfvgihjregijdlk;ea evkdskldkfs.enjoweftmjwkgfl efjowjgkmvk;ds,f

now playing on party shuffle: “reunion” by indigo girls.


8 responses to “i should be finishing my paper at this moment.

  1. Dear readers of LMLYC,

    I don’t know what she’s talking about. There are no pictures of me looking vaqxy anywhere on teh intarwebs.

    Yours etc,
    Moobert J. Cowerton

  2. hee hee…

    dear readers of LMLMC,

    email me if you wanna know where they are.

    yours, etc.

  3. I guess not because I even checked. boy was I disappointed. (and wouldn’t it be LMLMC?)

    heathfeath, is the homework police looking over your shoulder? no phone no beer no fun.

    after you finish those 3 pages (woohoo) be sure to gnrrlmbf.

  4. I see that heatherfeather’s response snuck in before mine so now mine doesn’t make sense. Well, ltufjc to that is what I say.

  5. i’m here to confuse.

    and not write papers.

  6. of cuorf you are
    (I kid you not, that’s what it says right now at this appropriate time…so I couldn’t resist).

  7. Um, yeah so apparently I can’t spell LMLMC correctly.

    Stupid spell checker. Why didn’t you catch that?

  8. well, it doesn’t recognize the word “blogger” either, so chances are good spell check wouldn’t have been much help to you anyway…

    [shrug] what can you do?

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