i am the queen of the bargain shopping

today, i purchased:

  • 2 pairs of business casual pants
  • 1 corduroy skirt
  • 1 pair of corduroy pants
  • 1 pair of jeans (they’re not perfect, but for once i’m entirely happy with how my ass looks in them)
  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 crewneck sweater

for $80.


8 responses to “i am the queen of the bargain shopping

  1. how on earth did you do that? were you shopping on the moon where prices are lighter?

  2. yes. if by “moon” you mean relentlessly scouring the clearance and sale racks at old navy. :)

    and by using my jornpow discounts

  3. wow. jornpow. I wonder if that’s as good as the qlqxq discount. Regardless, those are some killer deals. Guess I better go me a-shoppin’.

  4. you use jornpow too? damn. i thought i was the only one. but do you know about the gzvzthye super-happy-fun-discount?

    i didn’t think so.

  5. there’s always something I miss out on. But I bet you haven’t found out about the kkhqw. Hah! Just as I suspected.

    Anyway, back to shopping, getting 7 items for $80 is WAY more exciting than being able to have $900 purse. Where’s the fun in that??

  6. Well hold on…Old Navy clearance doesn’t count. That’s like saying you found a penguin in antartica. (Wow is that a bad analogy). I thought that this was some place that required actually skill, not just showing up…

  7. thpblllllllll.

    it takes a crapload of time to dig through that section, m’dear moohead.

    besides, you’re a non-goer of great concerts.

  8. wow. it’s pant week on the blogs.

    Hmm.. Old Navy, eh…. I’ll stick with Goodwill and Bprto’s.

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