i’m still sneezy and coughy. i’m going to buy some cold medicine today.

not really in the mood to be terribly coherent.

go see cherz’ new random stuff video. i played a small role in bringing together the pieces, but he gets all the credit for actually pulling it off (read: i don’t know how to do flash). if it makes you laugh half as hard as it makes me, you’re likely insane.

so, some people on other blogs aren’t understanding the whole “fun with word verification” game. here are the rules: there aren’t really rules. you can show us proudly your word you had to type because you like it, it’s inadvertently dirty, it reminds you of something silly. you can use it in a sentence like it’s a real word. you can use it as a swear word. you can not play it at all.

i’m off to get some dayquil.


5 responses to “derrrrr-choo

  1. Hoping your cold gets better. I’m finally getting over a killer cough. Have you tried any gagnzeps?
    thanks for the fun link to cherz.

  2. Damn, I wish I knew how to do stuff with Flash.

  3. :)

    it’s actually pretty easy. there are many tutorials out there.

    …. so i rolled 5 dice and got me a yazse!

  4. feel better soon! i hope your dayquil helps you fight off this qplopu you’ve got.

    (heh, it’s got “plop” and “pu” in it!)

  5. yay for jess playing the word game!

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