songs i can’t get out of my head

it looks like it might be a new feature updated whenever the heck i feel like it.

  • “where were you” by kathrin shorr
  • “nothing better” by the postal service (still) (ed: best breakup song. sounds way happier than it is. but i have trouble when he attests that hockey games are divided into quarters and not periods)
  • “waltz #2” by elliott smith (still)
  • “a” by barenaked ladies (i go through love/hate periods with this song. this is a love period)
  • “the partisan” by leonard cohen
  • “reasonland” by antje duvekot
  • “close to me” by the cure
  • “i was just thinking” by teitur
  • “older chests” by damian rice. can’t remember if this has been on the list before

updated to include the songs i couldn’t think of last night:

  • “back of your hand” by danielle howle
  • “the last of the famous international playboys” by morrissey (this has been On My List since we went to the cure vs. the smiths dance party in ithaca this summer)
  • “beestung” by kristin hersh
  • “mother” by tori amos
  • “bad day” by r.e.m. (ha!)
  • “true faith” by new order
  • “kiss off” by the violent femmes
  • “evenflow” by pearl jam (there are some lines where i do a frighteningly good impression of eddie vedder)
  • “bring a torch jeannette, isabella” by mannheim steamroller (it’s too early for christmas music but this is just pretty and unrelated to christmasness)
  • “carnival” by natalie merchant

this extremely long list of songs proves what i’ve been saying all along: i have no control over the DJ, people. whatever comes out just comes out with no forethought (kind of like my blog posts). and i can think of very few things that are more annoying than having 8 songs stuck in your head AT THE SAME TIME.


2 responses to “songs i can’t get out of my head

  1. these music lists…I’ve got to write these groups down. I think the only one I knew was Leonard Cohen and he’s one of my all-time favorites. Best album (in my op): I’m Your Man (Take This Waltz–awesome song). What album has “The Partisan”?

    this is much less dry and more entertaining than the counterintelligence paper you should be writing….

  2. what the hell is it with “evenflow”? i haven’t listened to pearl jam in years, but this one still haunts me once in a while.

    very interesting list, ms. feather.

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