semaphoria updated her blog…

and she may start blogging again…

i say more pictures! earlier i said more cowbell. which is funny, but nonsensical.

(she really makes me cry in the good way a lot… she has been my best friend for longer than i’ve been on the internets, and is hands-down one of my favorite people on the planet)

whoa #2…

erik updated his blog.

he tried to backhandedly insult my dog (whatever, i can play paranoid if i want) but i showed him what’s what.

he makes me laugh because he’s insane. in the good way.


5 responses to “whoa…

  1. Heather, I dropped my phone from the third floor down to the first floor tonight.

    When I was checking one of your text messages.

    It is all your fault.

  2. no way, your dog is way different. as i told you before, your dog would mess people up!! :)

  3. thomas… that is bad news indeed. you should email me and tell me what the text message said – i hope it was a good one!

    erik – nice save, mister… nice save.

  4. i practice making you cry on a regular basis. glad to see that all of the hard work pays off. will you be a reference for my next new job? i love you, muffin!

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