Happy Birthday Particleman!!

I’m so excited for your birthday I’m using capital letters and everything!

26 – what a good year… double a prime number…

I may expedite your bottle of Crown for the occasion!


4 responses to “so

  1. Woot!!!

    happy b-day p-man. :)

    and many ntmsiiae more!!

  2. aww, thanks! you guys are the bestest.

    i’d rather not be an age that’s double anything though. phooey.

    as for those astros, mjqxgf!!

  3. The last thing P-man needs this close to finals is Crown. And let us not forget that he’s 26 now. He’s got to start thinking about his liver.

    Send him some Ensure

  4. what liver? it jumped ship after my first semester.

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