i’m sleepy

so it’s actually 9:26 pm. but i’m changing the time stamp to midnight to say:

happy birthday yaymee!
happy birthday cherzie!

i wish you loverly, beautiful days filled with the love and joy you both deserve.

let the freak flag waving begin. (i’ll be there with cameras and monkeys)


5 responses to “i’m sleepy

  1. wow! two birthdays… oct 12 is a REALLY GOOD DAY.

  2. heh – thanks.

    and happy birthday to ya yaymee!

    (waves his flag .. yay!)

    and a happy sythpf to you too. :)

  3. Thanks, Heather!

    And a happy birthday to my twin brother separated at birth, Mr. Cherz!

    October 12th is a very special day, indeed! (as you can tell by the excessive use of exclamation points in this comment!!!)

  4. i don’t really have a comment, i just like my verificaiton word:


  5. heh – i use XOXF all the freakin’ time!

    made by Itaeeco. :)

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