in which the author demonstrates her brilliance

taking a two-month trip leads to some intersting questions. how much to pack? what range of seasons should be encompassed in the packing?

then, there are the permanent address issues. i decided to get my brain together and finally buy big rubbermaid bins to keep my out of season clothes in. i cleaned out my closet, i put away all of my non-summer clothes, and donated a ton of clothes that i wasn’t going to wear anymore. i left for new york in mid-july and returned mid-september.

do you see the flaw in my thinking yet?

here it is: i have to go through all the rubbermaid bins again ASAP because i put away all of my fall and winter clothes. they were put out of my way when i wasn’t here to appreciate it, and now that i need them, i just have to do it again.

and people, the twitch in my eye hasn’t subsided yet. i don’t have time to rearrange my clothing storage situation.

stupid low-ceilinged-apartment without enough closet space…


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