how did that happen?

so, we’ve gone from having touches of fall to full-blown winter.

tonight it should snow 2-4 inches.

tomorrow, 4-7.

tomorrow night, 1-3.


6 responses to “how did that happen?

  1. crosses fingers…. please cancel work, please cancel work… :)

  2. i cannot miss work – i’m barely paying bills as it is!

  3. nice –

    i want snow. :) you can have our rainy/sunny weather.

    ooo! zesxxx… kinky.

  4. These are the days that make you want to sit in your favorite recliner, drink a nice mug of hot chocolate (or Irish Coffee), and watch the RedWings play on satellite.

  5. Heather,

    I have lived in Colorado for many snow seasons now, and I have learned not to listen to the forcasts. It’s 9am and there is not a snowflake sticking up here at 6,500 ft. But apparently, there is snow elsewhere. Is that true? Did you hear they put the chain law in effect on I-70 up in the mtns?! Does that mean ski season will start early?

    Drive safely!


  6. WTF!

    I drove from Lakewwod into Denver and found more snow here than in the foothills! Usually it is the other way around!

    I am very pissed.

    This is why I am moving to Guinea.

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