who’s in?

Saturday, october 22, 2005

Dar Williams

Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO

ridiculous question because most of my readers are on the west coast (west side!) and the east coast

but if you wanna come with me let me know!

haven’t seen her since july 2001 in camden, maine. that was the year i saw her like 4 times because she was EVERYWHERE i was (3x in georgia, 1x in maine)

i miss new england. and the east coast in general.


4 responses to “who’s in?

  1. Mmm… I feel like such an outsider, but who is she? What have I been missing out on for all these years? I really need a Dar Williams-course for beginners!!!

  2. I love New England. Especially New Hampshire. So quiet and unassuming. At least, that’s how it was when I was up there. It’s not the same as the Wolverine State, but it’s nice.

    And Boston is a great town to visit, though I don’t know if I’d like to live there. They do have Cheers, which is worth the trip.


  3. I’m a big fan of Boston, but I have to admit that I like old England somewhat more.

  4. extraspecialbitter

    New England is truly lovely during this time of year. It’s almost enough to make one forget just how oppressive a New England winter can be. Last year I bordered on the homicidal by mid-February. I escaped to Belize just in time to avert mass bloodshed.

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