world leader pretend will play on the today show on nbc this friday, 30 september.

watch it. i really can’t stress how amazing they are live.

update: haiku girl indicated that i forgot to illustrate that the boys in WLP are crazy cute. the saddest thing is, i’d forgotten all about how cute at least matty is because he’s matty. and another sad thing, is andy isn’t in the picture above and he’s pretty cute too. but i do love those boys.


5 responses to “PLUG! PLUG!

  1. they sound like a cross between coldplay, radiohead, and u2…:)

  2. Word.

    I think I listened to Bang Theory for a week straight. How’s the rest of that album by the way?

  3. YAY MooCow!

    the rest of the album is really good. i like them because they’re good rock and roll, they’re musical, they’re melodic, and i love them all. buy it!!

  4. You neglected to point out that are crazy cute too. Yowsers.

  5. cute rock stars! and yes, andy is quite foxy as well. are they taping in nyc heatherface?

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