i am a naughty knitblogger, too

i’m still working on mariah. i’m about halfway up the second sleeve and about to put it on a holder, do the right front and then raglan those babies together!

i will also be making:

a beanie for my favorite non-sequiter writing, non-transexual friend who prefers to dress along traditional gender lines.

a kitty hat for my favorite opera singer who tries to pay it forward with powdered powdered powdered powdered donettes.


3 responses to “i am a naughty knitblogger, too

  1. are you doing all of that cable work and everything? that will fucking rule! as for your opera friend, little m, the hat should have horns. no reason, just fun.

    p.s. are you ever going to get a chance to come visit? was just thinking you should plan a vacation. i’m a great host…really! you wont not have lots-o-fun!

  2. Sr. ivar, of COURSE i’m doing all that cable work and everything!

    when it’s finished and i have a few sheckles to my name, i will bring it to OR for visit-ola!

    i have no doubt that you’re a groovy host – in fact i’ve heard you’re legendary!

  3. little m wants kitten head

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