i have a headache.

my favorite shirt sucks because it gets insanely wrinkly making me look like crap and having wasted that time making it look flat in the first place.

i’m tired.

i’m out of allergy meds and have no walgreens in nyc.

i know how i can fix the last one but just don’t want to have the hassle.


2 responses to “whiny

  1. think of the lyrics to “Particleman” and you will smile.


  2. Heatherfeather,
    I firmly believe that everyone is allowed to post a personal gripe from time to time. Get it off your chest. You feel better, and we all still love you.

    I can’t help you with your favorite shirt, but if you were here, I could iron it with AF precision; complete with the sleeves that could cut bread. We used to have to iron our BDUs such that they could stand by themselves.

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