i’m having a sad day today…

it’s hard to put emotion on my face, and i am absolutely unmotivated about everything.

it doesn’t help that i’ve forgotten to take my regular allergy medicine which makes me process and react slowly, or that they put almonds in the vegetables and i had to take benadryl which makes me process and react MORE slowly as well as puts me to sleep…

elephant feelings last night didn’t help i suspect…


7 responses to “i’m having a sad day today…

  1. thanks cherz-o, that indeed make me grin! when i finally post some more pics, you’ll see some graffiti that made me think of…

  2. You are my favorite blogger from New York. Does that make you feel better, Heather?

  3. yes, thanks!

  4. i didn’t see this in time! if i had, you can bet i would’ve been more pro-active with my emotional assistance.

    as it stands now, all i’ve offered is a lame comment.

    so i will close with this: i hope today was better. oh yeah, and you complete me. :)

  5. although the icky day has passed, your comment (while tardy. ahem) was rather well intentioned and poignant.

    you had me at hello.

  6. oh god! elephant feelings was not what you needed. now that you seem out of your slump a bit… i heard another tragic elephant story today on NPR. it was an interview with cathy day, who wrote a book about Peru, Indiana, a famous circus town…

    click http://www.cathyday.com/gallery.php and scroll down to “winnesaw.”

    can we get together to knit soon, eh?

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