i love hands from uruguay…

so, i decided to start ANOTHER PROJECT FOR MYSELF!!! because i’m kind and generous to me. anyhow, i was out this weekend with the lovely and charming jess and we went yarn trawling. she called me an enabler because i enabled. and i’d gladly do it again. anyhow, i bought my some manos del uruguay in greyishgreenishbrown (okay, they call it “loden”) with which to make my hot lava cardigan (no seaming!):

Manos for Hot Lava (2)

and here’s what i’ve done knitted so far:

Hot  Lava sleeve

actually, that’s not true – since then, it’s grown to double its size, but i didn’t take a picture of that part. i might not take pictures until part 1 is finished. anyhow, since i’ve been here, i’ve also finished branching out (yaymee, close your eyes if you don’t want to see!):

Branching Out (2)

and a horrible flash-laden picture which captures the color better (i don’t have any natural light to speak of in my room – and all of these have my institutional sheets as a background):

Branching Out

i’ve also made half of a scarf (i need more yarn) for ME out of rowan polar from the stitch as broadcast on sheep in the city’s site:

My So-Called Scarf

and a close-up of the yarn/detail:

My So-Called Scarf (2)

now, as is somewhat on-hold (why is it cables are fun to do, but when you have to motivate yourself to do them, you never think they’re fun?) as cables don’t do well on the subway, is what i have for my first sleeve of mariah (moi, make a mistake in the cables of the center panel? NEVER!):

Mariah Sleeve

i need a good way to organize my fo’s and wip’s and whatnot… i’ll think about that later, though…

that’s what i’ve been doing with the needles, anyway…


3 responses to “i love hands from uruguay…

  1. what is it with manos and muddy grey-type colors? so pretty and soft though.

    you have turned into quite the prolific knitter, dear. my mom would be tickled.

  2. heatherfeather

    prolific: yes, but i have to make up in the summer what i don’t get to do they rest of the year… so i think it evens out. it’s also easier when i don’t have a 2 month old monkey taking up my time and my attention and my heart. :)

    your mom: i sure hope so. ‘cuz your mom was the best.

  3. hey heather, the hot lava looks great. That’s a pattern Ive been wanting to knit for months but the magic looping scares me (though not so much anymore) and I cant figure out what size Im suppossed to make.

    So you lived in Maine? When!? I lived right in rockport in 2001.

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