branching blah…

so, i’ve finished branching out. i’m happy to make gifts for others! i actually love it, it makes me feel less selfish. :) however, i’ve had the same experience with branching out that larissa did. it’s just an uninteresting pattern to knit. the spectacular display of blue language that came flooding out of my mouth when i dropped the center stitch, however livened it up. leave it to me to drop THE ONLY STITCH THAT RUNS THE LENGTH OF THE KNITTING…

it’s a little shorter than i thought it would be (sorry yayms), but at the same time it’s so light and pliant that it will get the job done of a more tightly knit goody with fewer wraps, and nestle in tightly, preventing gaps.

besides, it doesn’t get that cold in mauritania, does it?

and i cast on and nearly finished a new peruvian… i’ll probably finish it tonight. easy to knit when you follow directions!

my patons merino was shipped yesterday, so i’ll start on mariah soon!! (i think of it as a very cute version of rogue for those of us who don’t spend $ on patterns. one day i will though!)

hopefully buying a camera SOON!


2 responses to “branching blah…

  1. Man, and I was impressed with myself for being able to slap together a crap scarf. I want to be your friend.

  2. heatherfeather

    i’m a little scared to know what a crap scarf looks like… :)

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