sushi chatter

since yaymee and i have been using the comments of the previous post to make plans for sushi on wednesdayinstead of picking up the phone or using text messages or IM, i may as well put up a posting for that express purpose.

how about sonoda’s on 6th and broadway? easily accessible to i-25 AND 6th avenue east?

or sushi heights on josephine and colfax? (i think this will be cheaper than sonoda’s but less conveniently located, but it’s pretty close to capitol hill which will make p-man happy)

still on for 7?

random: if you put the title as sushi talk but don’t put a space between the words, the vernacular for “excrement” just leaps off the page at you.


11 responses to “sushi chatter

  1. I truly don’t care where we go. This may be because I just worked a full day and then went to a 3.5 hour class, so it’s been a long day and you could convince me of anything right about now. I am tired of being awake. Make a decision for us, oh reliable Heather, and I will go with it.

    I have to do this again tomorrow, but class is in another language? Sheisse.

  2. heatherfeather

    let’s go to sushi heights, then. where did i say it was? josephine and colfax?

  3. sounds good – 7? where will you be coming from?

  4. ok, can i change my mind? my vote goes to sonados bc they have decent prices and everything i would want.

    yay for asparagus rolls and yay for eel! i kinda want to try the japanese squash roll…. hmmmm…..

    oh, i have to admit, i couldn’t wait for sushi tomorrow – after my doctor appt today, i got sushi at whole foods for lunch. just had sushi on the mind. wouldn’t mind having it again tonight, but french class gets in the way. but dont worry – i will still be up for it tomorrow night!

    i will call you after work/before class. bye hun!

  5. heatherfeather

    i am going to pickling my liver at las margaritas on 17th and downing from 4-6 at an adios! from work people, so if you’re just going to be cooling your heels around denver until sushi, we can make it earlier!

    sonodo’s sounds yummy too! mmm… unagi… anything with avocado… raw salmon in a roll with avocado… asparagus rolls…

  6. heatherfeather

    no, it’s not the same las margaritas where the slammed into you WITH THE DOOR TWICE AND BLAMED YOU FOR IT. :)

  7. heatherfeather

    is it time for sushi yet?

  8. Don’t know if I will make it through the day before sushi! Can’t wait! Oh, do you want me to pick you up at Las Margaritas so you can have an extra drink (or two) and not worry about driving?

    Ugh – thanks for reminding me about the stupid man at Las Margaritas…. I am still bitter…

  9. heatherfeather

    i do not mind you picking me up at all! will you call me when you get off of work and we’ll see?

    sorry about the door reminder. he really was a dummy.

  10. I will call you on my walk across campus to my car before I head to the optometrist. Where is this Las Margaritas?

  11. heatherfeather

    this las margaritas is on the corner of 17th and downing!

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