i-cord, you cord

i really don’t like doing i-cord. it’s so freakin’ boring. anyhow, the boobholder’s done. no pics, because of the no camera thing. i’m considering buying one for nyc.

so crazy mara and i went to whole foodies and got sushies, and went back to her place and watched in good company (i have a real thing for topher grace) which had really good music (damian rice, peter gabriel, david byrne, iron & wine), and a TERRIBLE makeup artist.

then we watched egoogly which was insanely funny. (ex. “everyone knows gay relationships don’t last unless the partners are the same height.” and “cemeteries are like nursing homes for dead people.”) and had the lovely zooey deschanel as well. and from someone who doesn’t like ray romano, he was really funny.

now i want sushi AGAIN. mmmm…. sushi.


One response to “i-cord, you cord

  1. It took my having kids and family to fully appreciate Raymond. He’s such a loser on his show. Topher Grace is ok, but I’ve more or less gotten my fill of him and Ashton Kutcher. Oh well.

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