so instead of working on rabbit fever like i should be, i’m all caught up in lelah. it’s a lacy pattern! and it’s working! and i’ve got 5 repeats of the pattern finished, of a total 10 – 12 (i like tops to hit just below my ASIS (the poky part of the hipbone). so it’s about 30% finished…hurrah! i have been working out the straps i’m going to add in to make it stay up better.

in fact i’ve been thinking about it so much, i dreamed how i’m going to do it. i hope that i’m a good visionary. i am not crazy about the straps that lauren put on her lelah because of how they go with the top, but i like them for their functionality (i.e. how they work with foundational garments)

but i really need to work on rabbit fever…


One response to “lelahlelahlelah…..

  1. That’s one cool shirt. Nice work!

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