thanks to…

(doh! because i’m lackin’ in the smarts department, this has been saved as a draft since thursday – but i’m updating the time and date or this post will be hidden!)

…james for being the bestest friend a gal could have (even though she didn’t have a baby for my birthday)

…yaymee, crazy mara, pei lo mein, fritzie, timmy, andrew, chris, jenny, kate, rachel for havin’ some good (fairly) clean birthday fun

…annie and jills for the cards (i love you guys! i’m working on coming to the wedding next month!)
…erik for the random reminder that my birthday had already occurred and for timing it so well that i got a cd on my actual birthday (take it man, tell them you planned it that way)
…pman for the late birthday wishes and a whole use for belated wishes
…cherz for the birthday, um, song?

…jay for the gifties (really, i didn’t think – or expect – anyone to go to my wishlist for real!) that were totally unnecessary but really appreciated

…my upstairs neighbors for the brownies

…my parents for making and raising me and sending me lovely skirts

…ernie for allowing me to sleep in the day after my birthday but waking me early enough on my real birthday that i made it to school and turned in all my papers and stuff on time and went to class.

…derrin for telling us to bring pizza and beer to class on my birthday since it was the last class and would be a downer since we’d be talking about people who died, as well as analyzing the reasons they died for FOUR HOURS.


2 responses to “thanks to…

  1. well, i obviously have it going on, what can i say? i guess i could say you’re welcome and you deserved it. i don’t want to say that, but i will. ;)

  2. heatherfeather

    you’re such a…charmer? ;)

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