flickr got bettr

so, now instead of having the photostream appear in flash, it displays jpgs, so you don’t have to use the freakin thumbnail if you’re posting a photo but not linking it back to flickr! yay!

for instance:

(thanks to j.d. for the link to the site of apathy and mediocrity – terribly appropriate this week)

5 responses to “flickr got bettr

  1. I have been waiting for this day.

  2. that poster rules, i hadn’t seen that one. :)

    anyway, glad to see you’re not dead, and still posting. i’m not into you being dead.

  3. heatherfeather

    t – amen, it has arrived.

    e – i’m glad you’re not into me being dead. that would be creepy. if i have to disappear from posting land, i’ll give you a heads-up. dealie-o?

  4. they need to make it so that people that didn’t sell their souls to blogger can automatically post pics to their blogs from a flickr account.

  5. heatherfeather

    pman, to be honest i never blog from flickr. i just make the photos public and use their source to post from…blogger.

    man, i miss having a soul.

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