i still sleep with the lights on….

i haven’t been this stuck on a new album since i got dar williams’ the green world in 2001. i mentioned it briefly earlier, but now i’ve got the whole thing and i’m in love. why don’t i marry it? why don’t i indeed?

teitur‘s poetry and airplanes is simple, really well-produced, -written, -performed, and -arranged. and i can’t stop listening to it. even the songs i don’t love, i really, really like a ton. (“you’re the ocean” may be the weakest song, but it’s not bad by any means) my favorites are “i was just thinking” and “sleeping with the lights on” but “josephine” and “rough around the edges” certainly stop me in my tracks each time…

sadly, i’m still too enamored to think clearly (and seriously strung out on benadryl) and come up with a descriptive or cohesive review, but i can do numbers, and i give poetry and airplanes 5 stars.


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