cinco de mayo es muy bueno! especialamente por los perros!

last night i went to have some cinco de mayo festivity. (ole!) i left at about 8, went to gov’s park with a mini-crew (crazy mara, timmy, fritzie, celine, and cheryl), and got home at about 11:45.

from my car i could hear someone was having a party. serious music bumpin’ in the ‘hood. i figured, well denver has reportedly the biggest cinco de mayo festivities in the u.s., someone’s being festive. as i walked closer to home, i though, man, that sounds like it’s coming from my house. maybe the people who moved in upstairs are having a moving party?

then i thought, how weird is it that they’re listening to suzanne vega’s “ironbound/fancy poultry.” wait a minute… what are the chances of that?

yes, it was MY DOG that was having the bumpin’ party. i usually leave the radio on sort of low when i’m gone because it decreases the ambient noises that occur. my ipod was almost dead, so i plugged it in and let him listen to it. somehow, ernie the uberpet found the remote control and turned up the radio AS LOUD AS IT WENT and was grooving to my “mellow time” playlist that i listen to when i’m falling alseep. so not only was the dog bustin’ the non-cincodemayo tunes, he was playing the folkiest (no, not forkiest) stuff he could find…

he’s so cool.


One response to “cinco de mayo es muy bueno! especialamente por los perros!

  1. cool to have a dog with some decent taste! my dog had absolutely no concept of good music. her idea of a good song was that B-I-N-G-O nonsense, and other mainstream radio garbage. terrible! (rest her soul)

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